Worship my Hairy Mound by Jacking Off Your Meat!

I’m found doing back bends in a shiny metallic purple leotard that is so tight that it gives me a bigger bulge between my legs than most men sport in their pants. I’m also wearing white knee-high socks with workout tennis shoes and I means business as I lay down and pound and thrust against my body with angry force. I appear to be fed up and frustrated with your sick perversions of me in my dance uniforms. I let you know that I’m on to you and all your sick hidden secrets as well. I do know about your multiple sex dolls that you have stashed away in the closet that probably all look like me! In fact, I understand how fucked up you are and I then explain the importance of that understanding. I know that I drive you crazy and I really want to talk advantage of that as I shove my sock-covered feet up to your face, forcing you to look at my beefy pussy mound squeezing out between my legs. Now get ready to bust your nut yet again as I demonstrate how I like riding your cock so fast your head will pop right off your shaft. But wait–its not over just yet. Next I proceed to strip off my metallic purple leotard and I shove my hairy naked pussy right up to your face, reminding you of just what it is that keeps you cumming over and over again.

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