When FAYE invites you back to her place. Quicktime version

After a great meal out together, FAYE has invited you back to her place. Shes in a playful mood and asks if its OK to get more comfortable. As she takes of her dress to show her silky lingerie, she says she hopes you didnt mind her playing with you under the restaurant. When I grabbed the bulge in your pants, thats when i decided I wanted to see you shoot your load again, she says, smiling and giving the JO salute. She tells you to undress too and rub your cock as you watch her. You already know has a fabulous body and because she loves the way you handle your cock, it doesnt take long for her to show it to you. She gives you plenty of masturbation encouragement, saying things like, Thats it, give your cock a good work out. Faye turns on all fours and lifts her pert ass high in the air for great view of both holes. She takes of her black silk camisole and hands it to you. She lays back on the bed, spreads her pussy then tells you to wrap the camisole around your cock, straddle her and jerk off into it. Gaze at my body, pound your cock and shoot your spunk into my camisole, she says. Shes very pleased with the amount of sperm you produce and tells you to get a drink and have a rest. Youre not leaving, I want more of that, she says.Faye has always been one of the BMAs most popular instructors and shes back again with another fantastic clip for you and your cock to enjoy.

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